Zones to Keep in Your Personal Space

Your personal space should work for you; it shouldn’t be the other way around. When you’re just living to occupy the space you have, you will not find a lot of fun in it. Now, think about having a space that allows you to be creative, lets you relax, and makes moving around easy.

You don’t need to have a massive room to have a good space. As long as you have these zones, your space can be everything you ever dreamed of:

Quiet Zone 

For times when you need to rest, relax, unwind, and just be disconnected from the chaos of the outside world, you should have a quiet zone. This is the place where you can just sink into your bed and sleep comfortably. This should have a source of warm, soft lighting so that you will feel cozy and relaxed. Forget all the stresses of the whole day. In your quiet zone, everything is meant to help you cool down, reflect on the day, and recharge for tomorrow. Design this with your favorite colors, and splurge on bed sheets that are comfortable and cozy. Keep a sleeping mask near your bed, and invest in blackout curtains as well.

Creative Zone 

This will look different depending on your priorities and interests. If you’re an aspiring artist, your creative zone might be your painting or crafting area. If you love makeup and photography, this is where your gear is set up, as well as the cosmetic products online shops have sent you from your latest shopping haul. If you just appreciate some nice aesthetics, this is where your mood boards, vision board, or posters are hung. It can also be a corner in your room where your books or albums are stacked nicely together. You want this room to be cozy and aesthetically pleasing, so go ahead and invest in a comfortable chair or couch, if the space permits. If not, get a stowaway tray that can hold all your items, and a pegboard that you can fill with whatever you want to see in your room on that day.

Active Zone 

As 2020 has shown, everyone in the house needs their own space to do what they need to do, whether it’s working, exercising, or letting loose some of the frustrations of the day. Having an active zone in your room allows you to take all the surplus energy from the day so that when you move to your quiet zone, you’ll find it easy to sleep. The active zone can accommodate your workout equipment if you have a bigger room, but if that’s not the case, it can just be a small walking space where you can jump in place or do some of your more mobile activities. Keep a non-slip mat nearby, especially if you plan to sweat or move around at a faster pace. You can also invest in compact indoor equipment to get the exercise you need without needing too much space.

Your room should not be a place of chaos. To make the space work for you, designate zones, and make sure every item in your room goes into the right zone.


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