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Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in France

In France, a country where the average price of property is nearly three times as much as it was 25 years ago, prime real estate is extremely pricey. The average cost of a home in Paris could boggle the minds of many people; since 1995, property prices have increased from an average of €2,478 to a whopping €11,737 in 2021. With that said, here are the top five most expensive places to buy property quickly in France based on average house prices.

  1. Paris (9,819/m2)

Naturally, Paris is the most expensive place in France in terms of property prices as well as cost of living. The country’s iconic capital is known for its fashion, art, and gastronomy – the designer boutiques, incredible galleries, and café culture alone make this city one of the most visited in the world.

Not only is Paris the priciest place to live in France, but according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, it also shares the top spot with Hong Kong and Zurich as the most expensive city in the world to live in. With impressive architecture, endless event options, fabulous public transportation, and unbeatable dining, the “City of Love” attracts wealthy property buyers across the entire world.

  1. Hauts-de-Seine (6,781/m2)

Making up the western inner suburbs of Paris is the Hauts-de-Seine department, home to exclusive residential areas and an important commercial district. Here you can find some of the most expensive real estate in France, such as the commune of Neuilly-sur-Seine, where the average house price is an astonishing €12,528 per square metre – the wealth per capita here is amongst France’s highest.

Providing its residents with the high quality of life, greenery, and ability to use vehicles that neighbouring Paris lacks, the Hauts-de-Seine area attracts rich buyers and families looking for a more peaceful area with easy connections to the capital.

  1. Alpes-Maritimes (4,722/m2)

Situated in southeast France, the Alpes-Maritimes department hugs Italy on the east and combines the Alps with miles upon miles of magnificent Mediterranean shoreline for unmatched, breathtaking scenery.

The natural beauty of the varied landscapes of this place is the main attraction but the temperate climate, historic old towns, world-renowned events, and ability to go from the seaside to the slopes in under an hour make this area alluring for foreign holidaymakers and the French population alike.

  1. Val de Marne (4,557/m2)

The “Valley of the Marne” is a department in France located southeast of Paris, home to the largest public park in the capital, the Bois de Vincennes – three times the size of Central Park in New York. Named after the Marne River, the mostly urbanized area hosts a multitude of research centres and hospitals alongside rich cultural heritage and contemporary art centres and museums.

River tourism is also a popular attraction to the area, with 24 kilometres of the Marne and 15 kilometres of the Seine flowing through the region. Dotted with riverside restaurants and artists, Val-de-Marne bestows cheaper property prices on its residents compared to the likes of Paris or Hauts-de-Seine, while maintaining the excellent benefits of living in Grand Paris.

  1. Corse-du-Sud (4,419/m2)

For cash buyers, with median house prices of €340,000, Corse-du-Sud is a department found on the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica. Another place with spectacular natural landscapes, the property prices here are higher than most due to being a tourist destination in addition to home to world famous beaches and cliffs.

Numerous festivals are hosted on the mountainous island, providing entertainment for both tourists and the owners of luxurious villas and properties. The capital, Ajaccio is also well-known for being the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Between the history, climate, and wonderful terrain, it is worth making the sizeable investment into property in Corse-du-Sud.

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