LiDAR Technology

LiDAR is the acronym for “Light Detection And Ranging”, sometimes called 3D laser scanning. It is like a RADAR that works with light instead of sound. This technology was first used in 1961 shortly after the invention of the laser. In recent years the invention of Autonomous vehicles and drones has increased the demand for this technology.

Flash LiDAR

In flash LiDAR, the technology illuminates the entire field of view with a wide diverging laser beam in a single pulse. This kind of technology is different from conventional scanning where the camera illuminates one point at a time, and the beam is scanned point by point. In both cases, scanning and flash LiDAR uses the time that took the light to come back and then determines the distance between the sensor and the object. In other words, Flash LiDAR takes distance photos, and this device is advantageous compared to scanner LiDAR when the camera, scene or both are moving.

Once the signal (light) is received by the scanner, a series of algorithms produce a nearly instantaneous 3-D rendering of objects and terrain features within the field of view of the object.


This technology is used widely in many fields. It is used in satellites and airplanes to scan terrains and to make bathymetrics of the ocean. In agriculture is used to determine yield production in each area from the land, it can be used also to find where weed is growing and if there are insects, witch kind of insects are there and the sex of the insects.

In archeology is used to find places and sites that are not visible under naked eye, because they are covered by vegetation. Using LiDAR technology, in 2018 archeologists discovered more than 60,000 man-made structures in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

Autonomous vehicles

This is the form where most humans are going to interact, even if users have no knowledge about the existence of this technology. Self driving cars or autonomous vehicles are the vehicles designed and produced by several companies that have the ability to drive by themselves using advanced control systems and sensors to identify appropriate navigation paths. Self driving cars may use LiDAR technology to find obstacles and avoid them, navigating safely through environments.

Also LiDAR is used in:

  • Biology and conservation
  • Geology and soil science
  • Atmosphere
  • Law enforcement (speed guns and crime scene scanning)
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Rock mechanics
  • Robotics
  • Spaceflight
  • Surveying
  • Transport
  • Wind farm optimization
  • Solar photovoltaic deployment optimization
  • Video games

The LiDAR market size is expected to grow up to USD 2.8 billion by 2025 from an estimated size of USD 1.1 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 20.7% from 2020 to 2025. The rising adoption of LiDAR systems in Autonomous Vehicles, increasing adoption of LiDAR in different fields as construction applications and engineering, the use of LiDAR in geographical information systems (GIS), the emergence of 4D LiDAR company, and improving the regulations related to use of commercial drones in different applications are some of the factors thriving the growth of the LiDAR market.

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Get Customized Power Cables For Your Home Or Organization

Are you looking for a customized power cable? How cool is it to have a power cable designed to fit your specifications and needs? What are the benefits of buying a customized power cable?

Custom power cables.

Power cables are used to provide power to electronic devices. It can be used to power:

  • Medical devices.
  • Computers.
  • Manufacturing machinery.

Find a power cable that is designed to meet your electronic appliances needs. It should be durable and its performance reliable. They come in various sizes, types, lengths, materials, and plug configurations to fit the needs of commercial, domestic, international, and OEM applications. When your power cables are customized, it means you decide how you want them to look like. Custom power cables for sale can be designed into any size, shape, style, color, and should meet your insulation requirements. It can be developed for specific applications like impact, water, and pressure resistance. Ensure the cable you purchase is of high quality, performs well, and functions well.

Types of power cables.

  1. USB cable – used with keyboard, mouse, printer, and other devices.
  2. HDMI cable – it is used with display devices like projectors, DVD players, and monitors.
  3. Mini-plug cable – used with microphone, speakers, and headphones.
  4. CAT5 cable – used with network cards.
  5. Firewire cable – used with digital cameras and external hard drives
  6. MIDI cable – used with equipment like musical keyboards.
  7. Molex power cable – it is used inside the computer.
  8. Serial cable – used with modem and mouse.


It has two or more conducting wires which are coated with an outer protective or insulating sheath. Depending on the amount of voltage transmitted, there are low power, medium power, and high power cables. Different types of cables are made depending on the intended use and application. The outer protective sheath is made from synthetic polymers while the conductors are made from copper. The main components are:

  • Insulation.
  • Conductors.
  • Protective sheath.

What factors determine the construction of power cable?

  1. Current carrying capacity.

This determines the size of the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

  1. Working voltage.

This will determine how thick the insulation will be.

  • Environmental conditions or chemical exposure.

This determines the form and what makes up the outer protective sheath. This should protect your power cable from sunlight, water, or mechanical impact.

Benefits of buying customized cables.

  1. You buy the exact amount of cable you need, no extra useless cables.
  2. It helps to create a clean setup since the cables can be designed according to the length you require.
  3. The power cable is designed depending on the user’s specifications and cabling needs.


A power cable is used to transmit electricity to electronic devices. There are many different types of power cables that are made depending on the intended application. Insulation, conductors, and protective sheath are some of the different components of a power cable. Working voltage, environmental condition, and current capacity are factors that determine how the power cable will be constructed. The benefits of buying a customized power cable are highlighted in the article. You should consider the performance, functionality, and durability of a power cable before making a purchase.

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Understand the Concept of Cloud and VPS Hosting

These days if someone has been in or around the web hosting career then they must be aware of the cloud server. The person also may have to hear of the virtual server virtual machine or private server. There are also many different types of options to select from. In this article, people will gain information about cloud VPS:

Cloud computing is the practice of the utilization of remote network servers that are hosted on the internet to –

  • Store the data
  • Manage the data
  • Process rather than the personal computer

Whatever, the person is selected between the cloud VPS, dedicated VPS, the cloud server hosting the storage capacity remains the same. However, the local machine can be utilized to access the cloud; the intent is that the environment is remote. So removing the need for local reserves for storage and management. will introduce highly experienced team members’ excellent services.

With the help of cloud server hosting, things are a little different. The cloud server is offered on a pay-per-use basis or exits through the virtualization pool of resources across the multi-server. This can be the merits for the additional flexibility, scalability, then the VPS server provides.

What is VPS hosting?

A dedicated hosting environment is a barrier to specific resources from the parent server through the utilization of virtualization. This implements the hypervisor or the virtual machine executive to run the machine on the host parent server. The single virtual machine is called the guest instance or child instance. The VPS is like a physical server that prevails as a piece of software running on the parent server. To add on, while using the cloud VPS server person gets the provision of the dynamic scalable or virtual environment. The resources needed for most projects are available in minutes, giving the near-instant or access to the modern server. Further, one can do this without the need of transferring the data or changing the server setting. The liquid web calls the scaling method of resizing; the resizing scale of a person may be up and down. This can depend on the specific site of application needs.

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PCB Trace Width – Importance, Deciding Factors, And Good Signal Integrity

Many factors drive PCB trace width, style, and length. Many circuit applications have specific trace layout characteristics that go into PCB design. What is PCB trace width? Why is it important? The connection of electric signals digital, analog, power between two points or junction is PCB trace. The test point, empty pad, component pin refer to the junction. One-thousandth of an inch or mils are units of measurement. Seven to twelve mils constitute value. The application drives PCB trace width design. It is a trade-off concerning performance, PCB cost, board density. If the design requirement of high current or voltage, noise mitigation, speed optimization, then PCB trace width design takes precedence over PCB cost or fabrication cost. Fabrication costs of PCB increase if PCB trace width is less than five mils, the spacing between traces is less than five mils, via hole diameter less than eight mils, the thickness of trace, greater than 1 ounce of copper, trace impedance, controlled lengths, differential pairs. One ounce thickness roughly equates to 1.4 mils. PCB trace width is directly dependent on the signal with trace impedance, high current, and noise protection.

What are the deciding factors of PCB trace width? PCB trace width design depends on trace impedance and current capacity. With trace impedance, the design becomes more complex. Transmission line and electromagnetics concepts need to apply here. Maths application in this scenario. The current carrying capacity of a trace depends on the amount of temperature rise the design allows. Copper is the material used for traces. The width depends on copper thickness. Is it in inner layers or outer layers? Inner layers temperature rises more since there is no escape route. For cooling convection and radiation or only radiation. The altitude where the PCB usage happens also affects trace width design. Track length and dielectric thermal coefficient also play a part. Following IPC2152 standards-the best path to take.

Signal integrity and PCB trace width design go together. Controlling signal integrity with PCB trace width gains importance. What is good or bad signal integrity? Signal properties like frequency, amplitude, phase, power, the waveform at the same level, as it enters the trace, and traverses till the end of the trace, define signal integrity. Signal integrity being perfect is true in theory or vacuum. Signals lower than 50 MHz pose less or no problems. Greater than 50 MHz signals problems like ringing, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), cross talk, ground bounce, reflection need addressing. Signal integrity is directly affected. The PCB trace width design should be such that the mentioned problems need factorization in designing the PCB trace width. What do we do to maintain signal integrity for signals more than 50 MHz? Trace impedance comes into the picture here. Modifying trace thickness, width, and length manipulates trace impedance. Keep thickness and length constant. Modify width for proper trace impedance value. Signal integrity maintains.

PCB trace width design is the first and last point for good designs. No missing it. Always design PCB trace width so that signal integrity remains proper.

Need more info? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Picking The Right PCB Trace Width today.

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How Important Is Industrial Ethernet?

The word Ethernet is quite confusing for many people. Most people just have an idea about it as a thing used in networking. With all the technological influx in the factory setting, it is better if you learn about the industrial gigabit Ethernet, as it is going to play a significant role when you implement the IoT devices at your smart factory.

The Ethernet refers to a network that all the devices like actuator or sensor are going to use for establishing communication. The better the Ethernet better will be the synchronization or communication between all the devices. Therefore, an Industrial Ethernet is slightly different from the Ethernet that we use for the office setting.

The industrial Ethernet is best for the industrial setting, as they offer a high-speed connection and can handle all the challenges that are specifically associated with the factories. Here are the benefits of choosing Industrial Ethernet over a normal Ethernet switch for your factory.

·       Can Work Under Noise

In your factory, you might use heavy machinery that generates a heavy magnetic and electric field. The magnetic and electric fields act as noise and disrupt the network if you use a normal Ethernet connection. However, an industrial Ethernet can work fine under electric and magnetic fields. Therefore, you do not have to be bothered about the heavy machinery that is used at your production facility.

·       Can Handle The Vibrations

Despite all the electric and magnetic fields, the factory machinery also causes vibration. The vibration can degrade the jacket and connection between the devices, which again disrupt the communication between devices. Therefore, you need an industrial Ethernet that can handle the vibrations that are generated by heavy machinery.

·       Durability

In terms of durability, the gap between the industrial Ethernet and office Ethernet gets even wider. Usually, the office Ethernet works under the basic setting, where it does not have to stand any kind of abuse. However, it not true for the factory settings where the Ethernet is open to a lot of abuses from the environment, employees, and machinery. Inside a factory, a normal office Ethernet component may fail, as it cannot withstand the abuse from a factory environment.

·       Can Work Under Extreme Temperature

The temperature to effects the network. If your factory settings have an extremely low or high temperature, the normal office Ethernet setting cannot withstand it, as the cold temperature damages the Ethernet component. Other than that, the high temperature can melt the jacket, which can lead to short and other vulnerabilities. To avoid such miss happening, you need to use industrial gigabit Ethernet.

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Video Editors: A Must For Content Creation

The area of video editing (pengeditan video, which is the term in Indonesian) is far deeper than just the filters and cropping. The standards for content video are so high in the present times that people are doing courses in the field of video editing.

With the rise of social media influencers and YouTube celebrities, there is a new skill in demand in the market. It is video editing. Video editing is the skill of creating a video with a professional touch. These video editors help in providing special effects and other important changes to the video so that you can use it for your professional purposes.

Enhanced Content

Professional video editors help you to create enhanced content that will be the right fit for the internet. Right from social media influencers to YouTube stars, all are spending a huge amount of money to give their videos a professional touch. Now you just cannot go on the internet and upload anything you want to, your content needs to be of the highest standard if you aim to gain profits from your content.

Not only the social media stars, but many businesses are using video editors to create their marketing videos. Businesses use professional video editors for their product launches, advertisements, events, and whatnot. They also have the aim to give enhanced content to their customers and to have a professional touch on their marketing campaign.

Why People Hire Video Editors:

The main reason is quite obvious, not all can professionally edit videos. Most of us can crop and add texts to the videos but that doesn’t cut it. Nowadays videos need to be so perfect that they should be able to make people see them as if they are living their dream. This can only be done with the help of professional video editors who are very good at what they do. This can also be done only by those who are professionally trained and experienced in this task. The big MNCs and popular social media influencers take a look at your previous works before handing out the contract.

Another thing is hiring video editor’s saves you a lot of time. The task of editing a video is tedious and it required days to complete the editing of long videos. Most people and businesses choose to outsource this task with the main aim of saving time. They indeed have to pay money for hiring these editors but it’s always worth it. It saves time and the kind of content a professionally trained video editor can create is unmatched.

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Website + SEO = Growth

Many people think competing in the online world and coming out at the top is difficult. But do you know there is a formula that catalyzes your online growth by combining only two elements?

These two elements are a website and SEO. They appear in the “Magic Growth Formula” as Website + SEO= Growth.

Nowadays people turn to the internet when they want to make a purchase. After typing in their query, they land on a website that leads them to their desired product. 

Successful businesses leverage this fact. They ensure that their websites pop up in the results when their target customers go online searching for them.

Because it connects potential customers to a business, converting them into buyers, a website is one of the most important parts of succeeding in the online world. 

The second most important part is “popping up” in the search results. 

Merely having a website is not enough. Your website will never “pop up” at the top if it is old, outdated, slow, and offers a bad user experience. So, if you want your website to reach your online customers, you must keep it fresh and optimized to load fast and offer ease of use. And these are some of the SEO best practices as well. 

This brings us to the second part of the “magic” formula. 

SEO online marketing techniques fine-tune your website. So that search engines can find the answer to your customer’s queries in your content. And display your website among the top results.  

SEO encompasses a set of practices. These practices ensure that your website aligns with the way search engines determine a website’s rank. These include building the content around the most common search phrases that people use, linking to other well-reputed websites, and more. 

When SEO online marketing techniques are neatly woven into a website, they create a well-knitted path for your online business to walk on, grow and succeed.   

Landau consulting, an internet marketing company in NJ, offering premium SEO internet marketing services, has created this infographic to highlight the key role that SEO plays in the formula website + SEO= Growth


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Why do people Choose Hostingraja WordPress Hosting over other hosting providers?

In WordPress, you needn’t worry about downloading and installing any software pre-installed. Your website will simply be going to run within seconds. Your WordPress will be Optimized i.e it comes pre-configured for the fastest page load speeds and safest settings.

Improved WordPress is the result of testing and tests that we have performed to evaluate the WordPress settings that give top execution on the website. There is no mystery! That way, rather than downloading and reviewing plugins, you can focus your experience on composing content and advancing your site. Our Optimized WordPress arrangement will likewise auto-update your site with various security highlights, for example, programmed WordPress refreshes and send you a novel login URL, all with an end goal to protect your site from hacks.

Our supporting Columns.

In the event that great standards, commitment, and sound frameworks are set up, you get the business’ most ideal help.

Capable and Well-Prepared.

We guarantee that individuals who help our customers are truly very much trained. They go through serious preparation, an extensive stretch of mentorship, and get incessant criticism and evaluations of their work to keep their skill at its best.

Friendly Behaviour..

We accept a benevolent and inspirational demeanor is the best establishment for a strong long relationship with our clients, even at the hardest time. Our help team manages their mind as well as their cores.

Powering the Customer.

Our work points not exclusively to tackle the current issues yet in addition to enable our clients. Our help reps compose articles on the Knowledge Base and set aside the effort to teach our customers on the best way to become website admins equipped for tackling the webpage issues that may come their direction.


Best Hosting To Support WordPress.

Do you have any inquiries with respect to WordPress Hosting? Our 24/7/365 expert Crew Support group of specialists holding on to help! We are useful, experts and you will very much want to work with them! They are accessible through live talk, email, or telephone all nonstop. They can reveal to you how it may seem as though we’re offering modest WordPress facilitating, however just the value you’re paying is modest. We guarantee you at HostingRaja WordPress Hosting that you will just get the best WordPress facilitating!

Our workers are elite as well as solid. That is on the grounds that our 99.9 percent Uptime Promise for an agreeable WordPress Web Hosting experience makes them tweaked and sponsored up. You will adore our Service!

We are certain to the point that, with our Anytime Money Back Guarantee, we offer the best web facilitating for WordPress you will discover, we will allow you to attempt us totally hazard free! Presently get moving!

How is HostingRaja hosting much quicker than others?

We’re not going to part with all the fixings to our extraordinary speed reuse, yet we will show you a few instances of why we’re snappier than rivals. Our foundation frames the entirety of our speed advanced arrangements. Our Servers are accessible on each facilitating arrangement we offer. Here are a portion of the highlights that make up our Servers:

Our Server elective with up to 20X quicker page loads contrasted with contending arrangements truly makes our administration quicker.

Our Servers highlight an Apache elective drop-in, improved speed, more assets per client, and less clients per worker.

Our Servers likewise offer various storing arrangements that our select HostingRaja Optimized apparatus can undoubtedly design.

Reserving arrangements support page productivity by putting away key bits of your site in memory, instead of stacking each bit of your page each time you visit your site.

Our Servers had initially begun with Solid State Drives (SSDs). To be sure we were one of the absolute first has to offer SSDs.

Latency is a proportion of what amount of time it requires for information to be communicated starting with one level then onto the next. Decreasing Latency can help improve load speeds on your site. How would you cut back on latency? By hosting your data nearer to guests. This you can do at HostingRaja Hosting! Decide to have the HostingRaja Data server which is nearest to your crowd!

If you have any worries about our hosting, and which one would best accommodate your record, we welcome you to contact our sales team.

To know more about HostingRaja VISIT –

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Why should you specify buy the dedicated server hosting for business?

To run a business website whether is a small or larger business you need to use a website for creating awareness about their products also to reaches everyone around the world. For perfectly running a website, you need to look for hosting services. The hosting service is used for making a perfect way of managing the mail, file, and web application. With single server hosting, you share the file with different websites. But for a larger company or a business need full control access and powerful hardware for accessing the data without any downtime on it. For that, you need to go for the dedicated server hosting where you can choose the ram, CPU, and certain hardware for your own choices of it. The dedicated server hosting can bring hostingraja as the company service the high technology-based server option based on the client need also with the cost effective progress on it.

Why should you use dedicated server hosting?

Root access

By using the dedicated server you have the grand access of root which is the administrator access, where you can have the best way of accessing all the files. You have capable of editing, adding, and deleting the file structure on it. You can also have access to add the software also you can able to configure according to the need of your business websites. The server provides the best access to the root user where you can apply special security measures. The service will provide the best way of dealing with the server with more flexibility, scalable to access responsively over it.

Flexibility management 

Dedicated server hosting helps you to manage the function are used for your business growth. The server hosting helps you to accommodate the different functionality like what type of software you want to add and remove as of your choice on it. You can also configure your server setting based on the business growth and its needs it. You can also add more settings and applications for more in the future as your business grows on it. You can also customize according to the need of accessing the progress on the dedicated server. BY choosing this server hosting will helps to increases the storage, backup, and another hardware requirement on it. The server will able to gain more requirements and provides the best access with high responsive time on it.

High performance

The dedicated server hosting provides the best way of increases and provides the service in the best and faster way every time. People always fear the severe crash but this server hosting progress has far and less crash functionality on it. This server can be managed for making the server in high performance and able to gain more access to the functionality on it. The server is highly optimized with the best access to make a perfect choice for the user. This server helps to maintain the best way of gaining more functionality high bandwidth, power, and responsive way to deal with it.

Secured data

All data are served with high technology with the firewall on the progress on it. Sometimes spending extra money unlocks a ton of useful features that will stream your hosting experience and also make a big difference in site performance and visitor experience. Always dedicated server hosting top-notch hosting will not be the cheapest but its liquid web excels by offering the utmost functionality, customer support, and flexibility for a price. If you are looking for windows or Linux servers, four CPU cores then these liquid web technicians are on standby. With the high technology phase, you can able to get more information about the required data on time

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Hyper X Cloud

Hyper X Cloud is the extremely affordable set of headphones that are currently offered in the market. They are high-quality wired stereo that is incredibly comfortable for any user and is suitable for all. The device is extremely light and is durable with tight firmware. The soft memory foam acts as an ear cushion giving proper grip and support to ears. These headphones do not pinch even when worn for long hours. 

These headphones with simple design are suitable for all and meet the need of gamers as well as hardcore music listeners as well. The headphones are not soundproof and some heavy beats might be heard outside the headphones. You may also hear very loud noises out of your home when in a meeting as they are not completely isolated. However, the design is tight in a way that you won’t be able to hear the typing of your keyboard even when the audio is muted. These high-value Hyper X cloud are the best deal you can get. 

There are 53 mm drivers that clear out the mids and highs distinctly. Thus, they are not just comfortable on your ears but offer great sound as well. These are amazing for a low electronic mix album with heavy beats to feel the power of the headphones. 

While the headphones are the greatest, what might be missing for many users is the ability to control these headphones. There is a lack of EQ controls, which means no customization could be done to the headphones. The basic function available on the headphones is of play and pause, volume controls, and voice muting which disables the mic. 

The microphone is great but not something you’ll use when recording a proper podcast. For gaming, the mic delivers a very clear speech. The six-inch arm allows the placement of these headphones at any position you like. There is a fine mesh bag offered with these headphones to keep the mic, splitter cable, adapter, and other wires. Find the best Hyper X Cloud stinger to get advanced features over these headphones. 

The wire could be a little hard to manage, the wires are not braided and can be tangled easily. After a few hours, you will find that the headphone wires will be tangled. It is best to figure out a way to keep these headphones tangled at the very beginning of using these headphones. 

Final Decision

At the price which these headphones are available, there are hardly any other headphones which are better than these. It does work on phones but with the cluttered cable using these headphones on a phone might be a difficult choice. 

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