Most Essential Stages of Adopting French Bulldogs

Congratulations on adopting your Frenchie Dog! You are entering into a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. Adopting a new dog brings about a lot of changes for the bouli and his owner. In this article on the essential equipment for your bulldog dog, we zoom in on:

  • Accessories for food, safety in the car.
  • The well-being of your beloved doggie at home and even in your garden and on walks.

In addition that the essentials for a regular hygiene and for an effective toilet.

The Essential Items for Your French bulldog’s Meals

In our series on the essential equipment for your French Bulldog, we zoom in this article on the accessories for feeding: meal, water and candy, follow the guide!


At first, it may be difficult to find one’s way around because there are all kinds of bowls, depending on the type of material, the size or the behavior of your favorite animal (too good an appetite, gluttony…). So do not hesitate to inquire well before buying. For small dogs, the dual food and water bowl module is very practical to feed and very easy to use for your pet, from an early age.

The compartments are available to store your doggie’s meal and water for the whole day. And everything is convenient to clean. If you need to monitor your pet’s caloric intake, the scale bowl is very suitable because you can accurately weigh what your pooch is consuming. If your dog is traveling with you, use the ultra-practical collapsible bowl to feed or drink your pooch, wherever you are.

Your doggie is a little glutton, use the special anti-glutton bowl. You will avoid obesity problems but also digestive problems: vomiting, indigestion, stomach pain. Your pooch has back or neck problems. Avoid him to bend too much to eat and take him a bowl holder which will be higher than a bowl placed on the ground.


There are more and more practical water dispensers that prevent evaporation and allow your dog to have always fresh water according to his needs. The pressure legs water fountain is excellent in this: it is your doggie who, by simply pressing his legs on the pedal, will release the water. If you travel with your pet a lot, water can quickly become a problem, so we recommend that you always take water with you in a bottle that is convenient with the water bottles.


A treat is great for rewarding your dog for his behavior and enhancing his learning progress. There too, there is a whole range of candy products; we have selected the best for you:

For a young puppy, you can reward him with a delicious bite-sized salmon cookie or, depending on his tastes, favor poultry cookies, which are easy to carry. To reward your dog, the bone to chew on is also a great idea and it will keep him occupied for a long time and in addition it is good for his teeth.

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Overcome the digestive problem 

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French bulldog: a great friend, and a great human-lover

Who has never been delighted to see a French bulldog? The “bat ears” and the flattened face are the characteristics that most attract attention in this breed, besides their affectionate and playful behavior. French bulldogs are excellent companion dogs and one of the most special breeds in existence. His funny face and temperament amuse people a lot.

French bulldog’s origin is not only associated with France. England and the United States are also part of the breed’s emergence, as they were taken from the United Kingdom to France in the 19th century. Raised as rat hunters, they gained prominence when they appeared in some famous paintings. It was also common to find Frenchie dog as companies of coachmen and butchers. While in France the little ones were developed with more freedom, it was in the United States that the famous “bat ears” became a requirement for the breed standard.

Get to know some characteristics

With a broad, flattened snout and wrinkled skin, Frenchie is characterized by having a short and strong coat. The body shape is compact, robust and muscular. They have a large, wide and square-shaped head. The eyes are dark with a rounded shape and the hind legs are larger than those in the front. The tail is short and “glued” to the body, being thick at the base. The color pattern for the French bulldog’s hair is fawn, brindle and white. Healthy and adult dogs of this breed weigh between 8 and 14 kg, measuring between 30 and 36 cm. French bulldogs live, on average, from 11 to 14 years.

Behavior and temperament

It is a great companion dog and can also act as a guard dog. They are active, mischievous, fun and love to play with children. Besides being intelligent, they socialize very easily with people and other dogs. Get ready for bedtime, as French Bulldogs snore. It’s very cute even at sleep time. Although they can live in small places like apartments, it is recommended that they do daily physical activities. With all these characteristics, the French bulldogs are also very loyal and protective of their owners.

During the night keep him in an even more restricted place to decrease the chances of him doing his needs too far from the target place. Keep his bed and water pot at a good distance from the bathtub because dogs are demanding in this regard: they do not make their needs where they eat.

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