Best Surprising Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Friend on Birthday

We are aware that events are to come to incorporate pleasure and love to our lives. Birthdays of all friends and family members have been lined up for gifting. I can’t anymore reveal those surprising personalised birthday present suggestions for your candy friends in your own lives.

Therefore, here are the best surprising birthday gift ideas for your friend on your birthday.

Personalised Car Keychain

You can gift a personalised car keychain from Etchcraft Emporium for a those who are a lover of his car. Keychain is made from stainless steel that makes it stay strong for an extended time. Its glossy silver finish and car-shaped design give it a lavish look and make the laser-engraved text onto it longer visible. To make it personalised, you may add the car number plate to it.

Clothing Sets

If your friends love to wear stylish clothes, then gift them a fashionable set of upper and lower wear. A stylish clothing set is the best gift for your fashionable friend. These days, there are 2-piece, or even 3-piece collections are on the market. You can customize either the top or bottom with their name or even any specific personality-specific quotation.


Personalised Car Cushion Cover

Take proper care of your friend’s comfort by gifting this personalised car cushion cover. This cushion will guarantee they are seated comfortably and have no discomfort in the back while driving or working in an office. Etchcraft Emporium made this plush yet magical cushion. The cushion is car printed and comes with a steel number plate. Whenever their spine feels pain and distress while sitting, they will use this pillow without any uncertainty.

Mouse Pad

For every one of those obsessive workers, you should gift a high-quality mouse pad. To guarantee that they work efficiently on their PC, a decent mouse pad is important to work properly. So, make a mouse pad that is made to order depending on your imagination. They’ll be surprised to find out their name or some other phrase which suits their personality on that mouse pad. Please make sure you receive it in their preferred color.


There always a person in the group who is a selfie queen or photography lover, and a high-quality camera is an adorable gift for them. They’ll be 100% surprised with such an excellent present. They can also generate income with your gift by vlogging. If anything of this type occurs to them, you’ll be the happiest person since you have presented something that helped them generate income. But if nothing happens like that, they will use it for a long time to catch positive memories and scenes.

Personalised Punjabi Kada

If some of your friends is so peculiar about their outfit and accessories, you can gift this Etchcraft Emporium’s personalised Punjabi Kada. This elegant piece of accessory will take no opportunity to create an impression upon them. Its glossy silver finish is beautiful, and the best feature of this kada is that you can add the name or ant text of your choice on its surface.

These gift suggestions can make an impression on you. You can get any of these mentioned gifts for your friends and create a beautiful and memorable moment.

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What Is Best Gift for a Birthday Boy?

Getting a gift for a birthday boy can be very tricky. They care more about the practical side! Some boys are very open to what they want, but perhaps you still need more ideas and suggestions. We know that getting a present for your boy can be hard, so we’ve got you covered. Below are 10 birthday gift delivery ideas that you can give to the birthday boy of all ages. Now, let’s shop away!


white moth orchids in bloom

Giving flowers to boys might be uncommon, but this is a great way to teach them the beauty and value of a bouquet! Flowers have a deep meaning that speaks through their language. Familiarizing your boy with beautiful flowers suggests them to be a romantic gentleman as they get older! Flowers don’t have to be girly as well. Some flowers would suit their room or study desk nicely, such as white orchids. White orchids are gender-neutral, making them great to go with men’s bedroom, study room, or even workroom. This is also a good gift idea for their fathers as well! Flowers resemble a sign of care and affection. You can get your flowers from a bishan flower shop or online through a flower bouquet shop! Such a quick and easy gift, right?


pastry on white plate

Of course, cakes would be the number one option here. Nothing could go wrong with sending the lovely boy a huge dark chocolate cake! Everyone appreciates the super moist and rich dark chocolate sponge cake, layered with buttercream or, better yet, chocolatey mousse. Not to mention covered with semi-sweet chocolate ganache all over and topped with the perfect crunchy dark chocolate crumbles. Cakes can be enjoyed together as a family. The best part is, you can even make these yourselves! You can always order it as a birthday gift delivery from a bishan flower shop as well; online florists usually have cakes on their menu!

Smart Watch

Get a water-resistant smartwatch for the boy to accompany them at outdoor activities. There are a lot of smartwatches for kids nowadays, and some of them have games!


Drones can fly, and that is exciting for boys. There are drones for kids created as flying toys, but they can also be used as photography, just like the bigger ones! Not only is this gift fun, but the boy can also explore what he likes from a very young age.


Children need to learn two important skills from an early age: swimming and riding a bike. Cycling is a great activity that will still be important as they grow older. As a start, a balance bike is a perfect gift. It is a bike that lets a child learn to balance and gain confidence before hopping on a real bike. There is no foot pedal in a balance bike, so they are less likely to fall. As they grow older, they can be introduced even more to the world of cycling.


Even grownups men love bags. They are used every day to go to school and work. When choosing a bag for your boy, let them choose their favorite type and color of the bag! This would practice them deciding at an early age while appreciating what they like at the same time. 


flatlay photography of wireless headphones

Perhaps the boy loves to listen to some tunes. Wireless headphones are a great gift if they like to hear music on the road or play some games. If the boy prefers to be in his room and listen to music or games, get a speaker instead. Whether he is your brother, son, or cousin, if the boy spends all his time in the room listening to music, you can help put a great addition by adding this birthday gift delivery into his own space.

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are comfortable and can be used everywhere, at home, or in practice. Guys still love to wear sweatpants until they get older, so this is a gift that is very practical and will be used all the time! You can never go wrong with black or grey jogger pants when it comes to boys (or men!)


Boys will never have too many sneakers. Add another pair of sneakers to their collection! Sports shoes are fashionable and practical at the same time. The boy can wear it to school or to practice in addition to hoodies and jeans. If the boy wants to be a sneakerhead from an early age, let them be and help them achieve that!

Gaming Stuffs

person playing billiard

Game tables are classic, which means they have always been one of the best birthday gift deliveries for birthday boys! Game tables could be air hockey, billiards, table tennis or foosball. There are mini ones that are perfect for kiddos, or the actual big ones that you adults can play! 4-in-1 mini game tables include all of these. It would be good for the boy to explore which one they like! An alternative to a game table is an arcade machine. Arcade machines usually have thousands of games, so the boy won’t run out of games to play! If you have more on your budget, portable video games can’t go wrong! Or, perhaps the boy loves to play some PC game, in which you can get him a good quality gaming chair with an ergonomic foundation to support their back. That has got to be important for a growing boy!

Those are 10 birthday gift delivery ideas for boys that would hopefully help you. Getting boys to tell you exactly what they want can be very hard, especially for teenage boys. If they are not as expressive as you want them to be, do not worry. If you need anything packed into a beautiful gift, you can always ask online florists or bishan flower shops to help put them together. Regardless of his age or age, this list will have what he wants!

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