A Simple Guide to Travel Sunglasses

A lot of people have problems in their eyes because of prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet radiation and glare from the sun. These people encounter different challenges when moving around, reading, or operating equipment that needs high precision and accuracy. Some visual issues like cataracts can be cured through surgery, while other problems can’t be fixed, and the affected individual can become blind sooner or later.

To keep eyes safe during trips, travels, or adventures, people need to have the necessary travel sunglasses the whole time. Good eyepieces need to be able to stop Ultraviolet radiation and glare from the sun without hampering the user’s visibility.

Choosing the right sunglass can be a very challenging task since there are a lot of models on the market. Not only that, it is pretty challenging to find models that are suitable for trips or traveling and still meet an individual sport and fashion requirements. This article highlights some things people need to consider when choosing travel eyewear.

Ultraviolet protection

Ultraviolet is the leading cause of eye problems like Cataract, Photokeratitis, Pinguecula, Pterygium, or Macular Degeneration. Regular or prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet radiation can damage our eye lenses by making them pretty cloudy.

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It can obstruct light from reaching the eye’s retina, thus affecting our vision. Using a sunglass with Ultraviolet protection can prevent snow blindness, cataracts, and other eye issues caused by the Ultraviolet radiation. Choose eyewear with around 400 nanometers of UV absorption to avoid 100% of Ultraviolet light from reaching the retina. The best models have protection material embedded in the lens instead of the coating.


Eyepieces that cover a wide-eye area can provide maximum protection to the eye and the skin around it. These things are more effective when it comes to UV protection because they can filter light coming from both sides. These sunglasses prevent the wearer from frowning or squinting in bright lights, preventing wrinkles or frown lines from happening.

Wrap-around glasses are suitable for people who spend most of their time outdoors or around bodies of water. They are also excellent in windy conditions because they prevent wind from making the eyes dry. And since it perfectly hugs the face, it cannot be blown away.


Good-quality eyepieces are pretty expensive, especially the branded ones, but they are worth your money because they can last long. There’s no need to purchase sunglasses with frames made from low-quality materials or eyepieces with lenses that pop out easily.

These things can easily break if people participate in vigorous outdoor activities and can cause injury. To avoid getting frustrated, people need to get high-quality models like Tom Ford Glasses and enjoy maximum durability and protection.

Polarized lenses

During sunny days, sunlight hits different objects on the ground and surfaces. Smooth surfaces reflect lights in one direction. It can cause glares which is a pretty common problem when traveling by the water or road since people will encounter more reflected light from smooth solid and water surfaces. These glares are known to cause different eye issues and various accidents.