Account hacks- Cause of fragile business Sanctity

Information-The formwork of business

Data and information are the key to the success of any business. Information is sacrosanct and any business has the undisputed right to preserve its unique set of information so that it can ensure its growth. The birth of first computer in 1946 and consequent growth in technology, businesses have grown rapidly. Computers and allied technology are extremely ethical in their functions. Whatever is given to them they give it out processing selflessly. Most of the men are also ethical but sometimes due to their innate psycho-emotional complexities of nature, a few of them digress from ethical pathways and resort to backdoor misdeeds.

Hacking-The bane of business

Those, distinguished men, categorized as cybercriminals are endowed with valueless intelligence, They are smart enough to access one’s personal information by using adjacent smartphones to intercept the sound of one’s typing. The acoustic signals can be picked up successfully by a smartphone. These intercepted sounds can then be processed and can be deciphered by an adept hacker to know exactly the message typed. With this type of backdoor tactics at their (hackers) disposal, the habit of merely avoiding the suspicious emails would not be able to keep them secure against such privacy-intrusions. This calls for a need for having much more advanced tactics of cyber security which are as follows:

One, if one has an account of any site which has been hacked, one must change the password at once even if one’s client doesn’t advice for the same. Two, one should never reuse passwords. Each of one’s account should have a unique or complex password. A good password is long, should have multiple characters and above all there should be a unique password for every login. Three, one must create, store, manage all of one’s passwords with a password manager. While reusing simple passwords and complex passwords involves high risk, using a unique complex password for every site is a better option with low risk.

The importance of hacking free business environment

Thus, in a competitive business environment where unscrupulous hackers exist, practicing advanced cybersecurity tactics is the best practice which must be religiously adhered to.’Kaizen’, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement must be institutionalized into cybersecurity networks systems so that the business world is always on it’s toes to establish & maintain effective counteractive mechanisms to weed out hacking and thus ensure growth in economy.


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