Hyper X Cloud is the extremely affordable set of headphones that are currently offered in the market. They are high-quality wired stereo that is incredibly comfortable for any user and is suitable for all. The device is extremely light and is durable with tight firmware. The soft memory foam acts as an ear cushion giving proper grip and support to ears. These headphones do not pinch even when worn for long hours. 

These headphones with simple design are suitable for all and meet the need of gamers as well as hardcore music listeners as well. The headphones are not soundproof and some heavy beats might be heard outside the headphones. You may also hear very loud noises out of your home when in a meeting as they are not completely isolated. However, the design is tight in a way that you won’t be able to hear the typing of your keyboard even when the audio is muted. These high-value Hyper X cloud are the best deal you can get. 

There are 53 mm drivers that clear out the mids and highs distinctly. Thus, they are not just comfortable on your ears but offer great sound as well. These are amazing for a low electronic mix album with heavy beats to feel the power of the headphones. 

While the headphones are the greatest, what might be missing for many users is the ability to control these headphones. There is a lack of EQ controls, which means no customization could be done to the headphones. The basic function available on the headphones is of play and pause, volume controls, and voice muting which disables the mic. 

The microphone is great but not something you’ll use when recording a proper podcast. For gaming, the mic delivers a very clear speech. The six-inch arm allows the placement of these headphones at any position you like. There is a fine mesh bag offered with these headphones to keep the mic, splitter cable, adapter, and other wires. Find the best Hyper X Cloud stinger to get advanced features over these headphones. 

The wire could be a little hard to manage, the wires are not braided and can be tangled easily. After a few hours, you will find that the headphone wires will be tangled. It is best to figure out a way to keep these headphones tangled at the very beginning of using these headphones. 

Final Decision

At the price which these headphones are available, there are hardly any other headphones which are better than these. It does work on phones but with the cluttered cable using these headphones on a phone might be a difficult choice.