How Important Is Industrial Ethernet?

The word Ethernet is quite confusing for many people. Most people just have an idea about it as a thing used in networking. With all the technological influx in the factory setting, it is better if you learn about the industrial gigabit Ethernet, as it is going to play a significant role when you implement the IoT devices at your smart factory.

The Ethernet refers to a network that all the devices like actuator or sensor are going to use for establishing communication. The better the Ethernet better will be the synchronization or communication between all the devices. Therefore, an Industrial Ethernet is slightly different from the Ethernet that we use for the office setting.

The industrial Ethernet is best for the industrial setting, as they offer a high-speed connection and can handle all the challenges that are specifically associated with the factories. Here are the benefits of choosing Industrial Ethernet over a normal Ethernet switch for your factory.

·       Can Work Under Noise

In your factory, you might use heavy machinery that generates a heavy magnetic and electric field. The magnetic and electric fields act as noise and disrupt the network if you use a normal Ethernet connection. However, an industrial Ethernet can work fine under electric and magnetic fields. Therefore, you do not have to be bothered about the heavy machinery that is used at your production facility.

·       Can Handle The Vibrations

Despite all the electric and magnetic fields, the factory machinery also causes vibration. The vibration can degrade the jacket and connection between the devices, which again disrupt the communication between devices. Therefore, you need an industrial Ethernet that can handle the vibrations that are generated by heavy machinery.

·       Durability

In terms of durability, the gap between the industrial Ethernet and office Ethernet gets even wider. Usually, the office Ethernet works under the basic setting, where it does not have to stand any kind of abuse. However, it not true for the factory settings where the Ethernet is open to a lot of abuses from the environment, employees, and machinery. Inside a factory, a normal office Ethernet component may fail, as it cannot withstand the abuse from a factory environment.

·       Can Work Under Extreme Temperature

The temperature to effects the network. If your factory settings have an extremely low or high temperature, the normal office Ethernet setting cannot withstand it, as the cold temperature damages the Ethernet component. Other than that, the high temperature can melt the jacket, which can lead to short and other vulnerabilities. To avoid such miss happening, you need to use industrial gigabit Ethernet.