August 15th, 2007

Conversation Photos

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9/11: The North Tower quietly burns

9/11: The North Tower erupts.

9/11: New Jersey watches the Twin Towers burn

9/11: The South Tower, pulverized, pours into the Hudson.

9/11: Ground zero ablaze, firefighters dazed.

The preceding five photos were among those released to engineer Eric Scott Douglas in 2009 by the National Institute of Technology and Standards.

9/11: Liesurely afternoon

Night, September 11, 2007.
By Andrew Cribb

Twin Towers at Night, extruded. Lifted from Architechts & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

There’s No Way like the American Way. 1930s.

“Work shall Set You Free.” Welcome to Auschwitz.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

One + One: Godard and the Rolling Stones. Lifted from Imponderabilia.

Teaser and the Firecat, Cat Stevens, 1972

Bob Dylan and Mohammed Ali
Looks like the Rolling Thunder tour, circa 1975. Float like a butterfly? Expecting rain?

Prague Window, 1989
They struggle to hold hands. Thus supporting the fiery World. The weight of which however presses them apart. Click for full treatment.

The Fire this Time, circa 2004
Skull in the sand of Iraq

Hurricane Katrina, August 2005
See others by the same Sandy.

Man with Blue Bucket, 2006
A poor soul in Nigeria. The landscape is the work of locals unhappy with the government’s relations with the major oil companies. (They blew up a pipeline.)

Big Brother. 1984, 1984.

A visit to the dentist. Brazil, 1985

I think he’s gone. Brazil, 1985

The starship Enterprise

Silent running in The Fountain, 2006

Islamabad’s Red Mosque, July 2007
A Pakistan army soldier shortly after he and colleagues retook the mosque from locals unhappy with the government’s cozy relationship with yellow running dog American imperialists. The stars in the black firmament were made with bullets.

Southern England Under Water, July 2007
Another round of horrible, ahistoric flooding. The Thames, the Severn, the Avon …

Abraham Lincoln

The Gaza Wall, August 2007
See here. And here. Or here. Or, alas, here. And then, most damnably, here.

Mahatma Gandhi
Practicing what he preached.

The Kennedys, August 1962
John Jr, Jacqueline, Caroline and Jack

Jaqueline Kennedy aboard Air Force One, November 22, 1963, moments before or after LBJ took the oath, in flight to Washington from Dallas.
The day the American republic died.

Buried by Books. David Dalla Venezia

Kirkuk Interrogation, Autumn 2007

The Explorer, November 2007
Iceburg wins.

Dubai above the world, 2009

The murder of Benazir Bhutto, December 27, 2007

Hillary and Barack, Summer 2008

The Islamabad Marriott, September 20, 2008
Setting the world afire anew

Lucky 777. The Dow drops after Washington balks at Paulson’s bailout, September 29, 2008

Henry Kissinger and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, autumn 2008

U-2 Uber Alles

Kenyans celebrate the election of Obama, November 2008

The Pink Floyd discography

Kashmir kids eye election results, December 2008

Bush gets the Shoe in Baghdad, December 2008
Journalist Muntader al Zaidi steps into history as baby Bush just gets out of the way.

Davids & Goliath, December 2008
Young Palestinians sling stones at Israeli soldiers in Ramallah

Lady Liberty. On the wall of the abandoned U.S. embassy in Tehran. 2008

Little Jimmy Grimaldi knows best. Don’t Fall Asleep! Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956.

Starting over with sticks and stones. 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

US Airways on the Hudson, January 2009
Captain Chelsey Sullenberger — Hats Off!

You can’t fight in here — this is the War Room, February 2009. General Freakley‘s handing out passports.

Feeding Time, Autumn 2008
John Thain of Merrill Lynch bought a $35,000 “commode” as Rome burned. Ken Lewis of Bank of America was on the street cap in hand a couple days before Christmas. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase never saw it coming.

Seidman the Zombie Slayer, February 2009
Click for full photo. And here for the grisly story of Chainsaw Bill Seidman’s tendency — difficult to control during Hard Times — to seize Zombie banks, cut off their heads, privatize their innards and return what’s left to the private sector.

Slumdog millionaires, February 2009

Viceroy David Petraeus instructs the Senate: Another 10,000 pairs of boots in Pakghanistan by Christmas or Bust. March 2009

Strasbourg Greets Obama, April 4, 2009
While hosting the NATO summit, locals set fire to a hotel, a police station and a grocery by way of telling Obama they didn’t want to follow him to Pakghanistan.

Protesters in Cleveland and Peace Officers in Strasbourg as Obama addresses NATO, April 2010

Karl Marx, now and then

When the Saints came marching in, February 2010

The Carcano rifle at the Dallas Police Department, November 22, 1963. Where is the ammunition clip?

Lee Oswald, post mortem, November 1963

The Just Judges. Detail of a modern copy of a panel of a Van Eyck altar piece stolen in 1934 from a museum in Ghent. The original may be found closeted away in Amsterdam in the care of Jean-Baptiste Clemence, Judge-Penitent of the Mexico City café, as reported in The Fall by Albert Camus.

Washed Up: Typewriter beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, 1984

New Zealand parrot or some such spectacular, 2009

The Gulf of Mexico burning, 2010

Enter the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, May Day 2010

Psychedelic Brooklyn Botanical Garden, May Day 2010

Sarajevo in the mid 90s

Large Ayahuasca

Bubble Nebula

Attack on Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay, India

Z Machine atom crasher (or some such)

Bush Wins! with Wine, November 8, 2000

Israeli car hits Palestinian kids, summer 2010