November 2nd, 2008

Little Jimmy Grimaldi
on Creeping Fascism:
Palin & co. re “Real” America
is prep for martial law


Evening, folks — Little Jimmy Grimaldi here with my annual Halloween Message.

1. People have been talking about Creeping Fascism in the U.S. since the advent of Reagan.

The talk accelerated post 9/11 with the commencement of the War on Terror, the passage of the Patriot Act, the establishment of the Gitmo prison system, etc.

One might have relaxed after the rebuff Bush-Cheney suffered in the 2006 elections. But the appearances re fascism have gotten worse since, not better:

– Bush-Cheney now claims the right to direct the National Guards of the various states. So, one might someday find the sons of Alabama patrolling Minneapolis streets.

(This kind of intra-regional police power is very dangerous. Was used, eg, by Milosevic & co. to seize control of Yugoslavia, which seizure provoked the civil wars through which the state dissolved.)

– During the summer of 2007 the secret police firm Blackwater was given a billion dollar contract by the feds to prepare for police action in the United States. Presumably a ton of weaponry and flak vests have been stockpiled.

(Blackwater = Brown Shirts. Hitler’s S.A. Mussolini’s various gangs.)

– This past April fed agencies conducted a war-game sweep through three states that an alarmed local sheriff told the press was “training for martial law.”

– Then, in September, for the first time ever, a regular army unit, withdrawn from overseas, was tasked to be on hand to patrol domestic cities, and since has been reported to be actively training for the work.

– And meanwhile, of course, the leaders of Congress were told by Hammerin’ Hank Paulson & co. that if they didn’t pass the $700 billion bank rescue plan, the Dow would drop thousands of points and martial law might have to be instituted.

2. Against this background, in the past three weeks three GOPher spokesmen (actually, all women) have come out, using almost identical scripts, with the strange line that certain states and (urban) parts of certain states are not “really” American. And not “pro America.”

The women are a Minnesota congresswoman named Bachmann, a McCain Campaign flack named Pfotenhauer, and Sarah Palin. The Daily Show two Mondays past devoted all its free time to their ranting. Worth watching.

Little Jimmy Grimaldi says this ranting is ominous.

All the more so because: The Line of the Month — issued by mouthpieces of an election campaign team — has nothing to do with winning undecided swing state votes.

Rather: the “Real” America talk would seem more likely to alienate the Middle of the Road in MOR states.

And, indeed, the ranting emerged as McPalin’s fortunes went down the toilet with Wall Street, and has escalated since, varying inversely with the GOP’s poll trends.

3. What then is the point of this new, anti-patriotic, centrally organized and efficiently distributed rhetoric?

Little Jimmy Grimaldi says: To garner support in the Real parts of the country for the institution of martial law in the parts that are not Real.

Which, if accomplished before November 4, might lead to the postponement of the election.

Or, if accomplished before January 20, might prevent the new president from taking office.

Little Jimmy Grimaldi is not a voice in the wilderness!

Here’s a nice fella who’s started worrying about fascism in 2004.

And here’s Naomi Wolf, who worried in a good 2007 book and on the road since. Good work, Naomi!

4. So what’s the Vegas line on martial law before Super Bowl Sunday?

Before putting down money, one would first have to develop confidence about what precisely happened in Washington since the turn of the century.

Cleary some monsters took over the White House. But whose monsters were they?

My best guess remains that the mind, heart and soul of Bush-Cheney policy was the Likud Lobby.

Alternatives people talk about: The Oil Mafia, the Money Trust, the North American Union globalizers … I.e., larger, less idiosyncratic and more natively American interests disposed to despotism for reasons of their own.

For Jimmy’s dime: the voluminous public history of the Likud Lobby’s assault on Washinton’s mind since the fall of the Soviet Union bears clear relation — both genesis and structure — to Bush-Cheney policy.

The mainstream media do not speak of it, of course.

(Nor does Naomi Wolf. Which is why her chat in the end comes up lame.

That is, after charting the descent of democracy here and now, she signs off her talk having named no names (neither people nor interest groups) and with nothing to recommend aside from “believing in our power” and “standing up.”

All right. I’m standing, I believe. Now who do I hit on the head with my frying pan?)

So then. If indeed the Likud Lobby was the heart of Bush-Cheney, it seems there’s some hope for a rebound from the descent into fascism we’ve experienced since the day it took office.

Evidence in support here: public signs in the past year that Bush-Cheney has distanced itself from its LL advisors and their desires.

But if, on the other hand, the Likudists were ancillary to, and perhaps even a convenient front for, some other interest group(s) more deeply and broadly embedded in American society responsible for the Fascist Shift, then …

Then the downtrend remains intact, and the future looks much darker, despite Obama’s pending (knock on wood) victory in the electoral college.

5. Today’s New Reason to Worry

So, Trick or Treat?

Recall that Sarah Palin was granted an audience with Henry Kissinger during her field trip a month ago to the United Nations in New York.

Two days ago, an old Kissinger partner and hand, Larry Eagleburger, told public radio that Sarah was not fit to be Vice President.

But yesterday on Fox News he issued a confused and confusing retraction, of sorts:

Larry E: I made a serious mistake yesterday. I was quoted correctly. I wasn’t thinking when I said it. In fact, I was discussing it — foreign policy, and this was in that context. And I was just plain stupid. And if I have given the flimflam artist, Barack Obama, some success with this, I am deeply apologetic. I did not intend it. …

Stu Varney: But I do want to just give you another opportunity here to straighten it out. … You do feel that she’s a quick learner and would be good as vice president, given a few days… ?

Larry: As a matter of fact — a few days, no. But, as a matter of fact, she has demonstrated from the time she first was nominated and the period of time since then, she has now — she has made it clear she’s a quick learner.

She didn’t know anything about foreign affairs, nor should she have, on the basis of what she had done. But she — she’s now working with a man who knows it all. And she’s learned from that. And, if she becomes vice president, she will still be working with John McCain, and she will learn quickly. You can’t expect her to have it all. . . .

And I can only say, again, you tell me where Barack Obama has had anything to do with foreign affairs. The statements he’s made during his campaign have been stupid and contradictory. So, I still say, we’re comparing a vice presidential candidate with a presidential candidate who knows less than she does.

Little Jimmy Grimaldi says somebody took Larry by the ear and twisted his nose and punched him in the arm and told him to go out there and apologize!

Which is ominous. It suggests that the monsters are finding Sarah an apt stooge, and are still actively pursuing power.

And at this point they ain’t gonna get it with votes.

6. ORANGE ALERT: The NY Marathon two days hence — the Sunday before the election — would provide the monsters an excellent opportunity for an explosive provocation that within 24 hours could lead to such chaos that the authorities have no choice but to resort to martial law.

Naomi Wolf asks a good question during her talk: When in modern history has a government assembled the tools of a police state without using them?

If the monsters (whoever precisely they are) are going to use the tools they’ve aggressively assembled since 2006, now is the time, before the national elections annoint a new crop of leaders with the imprimatur of the People.