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November 3rd, 2010

Michael Moore
talks turkey Election Night

Wow. The gosh darn truth, it seems to me.

He’s talking late night election night (November 2010) at Democracy Now, with John Nicolls and Laura Flanders in the studio with Amy Goodman.

He touches on the blackout, during the autumn campaign weeks, on the wars — indeed, foreign policy in toto. This was the first thing that came to mind as Jon Stewart concluded his interview with Obama two weeks ago. Not a word about Pakghanistan, Iraq or Israel. Not a fucking word. Clearly Obama demanded that silence in exchange for the appearance.

It’s also noteworthy, when he speaks of the Left’s guilt for its early support of the Iraq war, 2002-04, and names a few names and nods at institutions, that what he’s pointing to are prominent Jews of the Left, who supported the war persuaded in good part that it served Israel’s interest, and then recanted.

But Michael daresn’t say that to Amy. Not right out.

The recantation of Tom Friedman of the Times suddenly comes to mind as one of the most spectacular. But he was nothing like alone within the New York media. The New Yorker itself, of Remnick and Hertzberg. Perhaps I’ll find links.

Most broadly, the so-called Left here will never mount the kind of power challenge its constituency needs until it faces the huge ideological chaos within its ranks.

I mean, in nutshell: Identity Politics vs (marxian!) Universalism.

This came to mind again yesterday watching a group of three at Busboys & Poets Cafe in DC on Democracy Now. Nothing but racism. Seeing everything thru that narrow lens. Calling themselves Progressives even yet, after 30 years of getting fucked in the ass by the rich.

But … their ideas are so rooted in Academia, where so many people of lefty persuasion retreated after the assassinations, Vietnam, Watergate, that what seems necessary also seems all but impossible. At least in my time.

But … it’s no wonder the Left is so powerless. Most Americans listening to the guys at Busboys & Poets would just shake their head and vote no.

Laura Flanders, following Moore, is also good. Maybe go buy her book (she gives the website during the chat — not available at Amazon etc):

And here’s something re his most recent — and, he suggests, his last — documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story.

November 3rd, 2010

2010 Midterms:
No big deal

If one turns off the idiot box one sees it was not such a bad night for the Donkeys. The Tea Party in the House will make the GOPhers look like assholes for two years, and will hurt Palin 2012.

2009 and 2010 were clearly going to be nuclear winter after the Bush-Cheney bomb. It seems the Donkeys have survived it, with the ability to continue to govern.

If only the president had the vision and will of Michael Moore, speaking here late night of election night to Amy Goodman and friends.

Obama’s attitude upon ascension 22 months ago — scolding the people of the Congress as “children” (which he repeated later in 2009) — bespeaks a kind of Beautiful Soul naivete that has no place in DC. Getting his nose broken by Boehner a few times may learn him some Lefty values and in any case will make him a better president.

It occurs to me that Obama has probably never been in a fight.

And gee, men in splendid uniform and pin-striped suits have always treated him so well …

It’s time indeed he gets kicked in the balls.

Jeb Bush will be very hard to beat in 2012 if the GOPhers have the wisdom to nominate him.

Ralph Nader talks a lot of sense election day. He seems certain that Bloomberg will run as an Independent.

If Palin were to somehow get the GOP nod, Bloomberg would run Independent to the wire, my own crystal ball says, and thus help return Obama to office. Much like 1992 with Ross Perot in the mix. But would he bow out if Jeb came out of the convention the nominee?

August 12th, 2010

9/11 Truther Mark Dayton
wins Minnesota Guv primary

As a Senator in Washington, Dayton publicly insisted that the official story of the 9/11 attacks was full of holes. Among other things he said officials of organs of the government were lying.

NORAD, for example.

He was run out of Washington (quite literally) with defamation and death threats. Time Magazine included him on a list of the “worst ” senators.

Dayton now running for governor of Minnesota — and two days ago won the three-way Donkey primary there with a photo finish, beating the designated Progressive candidate, Margaret Keliher, speaker of the state’s House of Reps, who had been endorsed by both of its federal senators, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar.

The Washington Post reports today that the GOP out there is already running ads focused on Dayton’s history of alcoholism and calling him “absolutely, positively one of the worst Senators” in America,” citing the Time piece.

On to November. Dogspeed & protect him.