January 30th, 2011

9/11 Attacks:
Nature or Nurture?

Sibel Edmonds, Iranian-American heroine, is generally reserved re 9/11 per se but amplifies this story I imagine because an FBI whistleblower is the focus.

Gist is re April 2001 FBI information out of Afghanistan that “kamikaze pilot” attacks on major US cities were in the offing.

FBI agent who handled and submarined the reports is reached at his consultancy firm inside Beltway and says he can’t talk about such sensitive things.

More fodder, then, for notions that the attacks were nurtured by Friends/Sayonim within the US-Israeli national security apparat.

Boiling Frogs is Sibel’s main activism site. Great interviews with dissident activists and journalists.

Another blow to Untruth — Geraldo is on board !

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