January 26th, 2011

Death Notice:
Palestinian State finally stillborn.
Now begins the Terror?

The Palestine Papers are clear: Obama gave the Cairo Speech, then promptly sold the Palestinian state down the river.

( Here is Al Jazeera’s search page for the approx 2,000 diplomatic cables and the like, chiefly out of Israeli and Palestinian Authority offices. )

The extent of the collapse — complete — of support for the UN resolution that recognized Israel in sync with a plan for a two-state solution … Shocking.

It’s now clear that when the Israeli foreign minister gave the UN the finger on Palestine this past September, he had the American president in his pocket.

No wonder Knesset member Zaneen Hoabi simply said “No chance” last year.

And no wonder the New York Review of Books (our finest periodical) has just published a notice of surrender:

It’s now clear that the American war in the mideast, pinched upon Iran’s eastern and western borders, was coeval and is conjoined with a final solution in Palestine.

Alan Sabrosky, a Vietnam combat vet, former intelligence officer with the Marines and former director of the Army War College, talks plainly about how the American war got off the ground.

And it’s now clear how the Army of God comes to appoint the Prime Minister of Lebanon. I wonder if Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Zakheim et al. — the creators of the American war under Bush-Cheney — are laughing or crying.

These are the days of miracles and wonder. These are the days when the Justice Department proceeds beyond the bounds of law against Anti-War demonstrators and the free press.

Little wonder, of course, that the American media are all but silent on the truth of 9/11 and, now, the Palestine Papers.

One effect of the latter’s publication in freer worlds abroad seems all but certain: A true war of terror, born of final despair re the fate and treatment of the Arabs of Palestine, in the angry half of the Islamic world. Hope dies last, as Alexander Dubcek observed, but now it is dead.

No more Mr Shoe Bomb. No more Mr Underpants.

It’s well known amid intel types that nuclear devices are loose in the underworld. Every now and then an attempt to sell one surfaces. 1994 was the beginning of this game. It now seems to me only a question of time before angry young men try to set one off in Tel Aviv or New York.

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  1. ed says:

    Israeli soldiers on film re orders to “cleanse” Gaza and leave no witnesses.


    January 28th, 2011 at 12:38 am

  2. ed says:


    Quite a day in Egypt. Friday the 28th, a culmination of demonstrations that began on January 25 in Cairo.

    The great hope of the day is that a way out of the final despair spoken of in the main thread above seems possible. A way toward a renewed balance of power in the region and thereby a just solution to the Israel problem.

    I mean: It seems a democratic Egypt (the largest Arab country re population) would quite naturally restore pressure on Israel.

    Given the revelations of the Wikileaks and Palestine Paper cables, I imagine the right-wing in Israel and the Likud Lobby in Washington are now in overdrive to compel Obama to do nothing (but talk) in support of the democratic movement in Egypt.

    And I don’t expect Obama to do anything but talk. But even so the genie may now be out of the bottle over there.

    What seems most likely at this point is that Mubarak will order a crack down on the demonstrations. Using police and his Presidential Guard troops, rather than regular army, the latter which seemed at peace with the demonstrations thru out Friday. All the violence so far has been initiated by various organs of the police.

    The question at that point will be how well the various organs obey Mubarak. And how well the demonstrators resist.

    Obama could forestall the crackdown by telling Mubarak privately that he must leave now. But … Likud Lobby will oppose any such, even if the American president privately might that way tend. Obama is not a man of action.

    He’s a real nowhere man.

    But it seems clear that if Mubarak is allowed to crack down and remain in power, sympathetic explosions will echo elsewhere in the Arab world. Demonstrations and the like are already disturbing Jordan and Yemen. And the triumph in Tunisia seems to be holding.

    Even the Likud Lobby then might be penny wise but pound foolish to be working on Obama to sit on his hands.

    January 28th, 2011 at 11:50 pm

  3. Conversation » Egypt says:

    [...] that Israel and the West cannot tolerate a democracy in Egypt — a fortiori in light of the Palestine Papers and the continuing stream of Wikileaks diplomatic [...]

    January 30th, 2011 at 3:49 pm

  4. ed says:

    The Financial TImes has been working its way thru the Palestine Papers.

    Here’s a note re a cable that indicates that the

    Palestinian Authority conceded all East Jerusalem settlements but one two years ago trying settle a deal, yet Israel said not enough.


    The contrast to the public story — where jewish settlements in East Jerusalem are a hotspot — is stark.

    And that the Israelis said no syncs perfectly with the view expressed by Lieberman at the UN in NY this past September, and then by arab-israeli Knesset member Haneen Zoabi soon after: NO CHANCE for a Palestinian state.

    January 31st, 2011 at 2:42 pm

  5. ed says:

    Here’s a column from Financial Times, reviewing the hopeless picture presented by the Pal Papers.


    Settlements bury a Palestinian state

    By Philip Stephens
    January 27 2011

    The funny thing about these leaks of hitherto secret papers is just how much of the material has turned out to describe the world as we thought it was. This can be as depressing as it is sometimes reassuring. Prospects for lasting peace in the Middle East, we learned this week, are as bleak as we have long supposed.

    There was plenty to embarrass Washington in the WikiLeaks cache. The unvarnished assessments of its diplomats managed to irritate America’s partners and rivals alike. By and large, though, the US emerged as saying much the same things in private as it had in public.

    Likewise, there are no great surprises in the leaked account of a decade of on-off talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The so-called Palestine Papers have added detail to the dismal deadlock that used to be called a peace process. The central narrative is much as it seemed – Palestinian weakness and hesitations colliding with Israeli obduracy …. END QUOTE

    January 31st, 2011 at 3:00 pm

  6. ed says:

    The New York Review of Books (our finest periodical) responds with a piece re the impasse in Palestine


    February 8th, 2011 at 10:34 am

  7. ed says:

    a story on the farce


    April 27th, 2011 at 8:41 am

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