September 29th, 2009

Joseph Trento:
Privatizing the CIA


Check out — at Sibel Edmonds website 123Change — the Boiling Frogs podcasts, probing the National Security Apparat.

For example: An INTERVIEW with Investigative journalist Joseph J. Trento, author of, among others, The Secret History of the CIA and Prelude to Terror: The Rogue CIA and the Legacy of America’s Private Intelligence Network.

From the interview:

On All Hallows Eve, 1977 [President Carter and CIA Director Stansfield Turner] fired 800 people in the clandestine services, which was the old boy club of the CIA.

And after they did that it basically started a revolution against the Carter government. Jimmy Carter never got any intelligence of any value after that as president.

Interview tidbit text continues here.

Or click the Trento link above for the full podcast, which helps explain the decline of the civilian government in D.C. since the war, and goes best with sipped sour mash.


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