April 14th, 2009

I Spy +
Heart of Darkness =
Apocalypse Now

Watch this episode — “The Warlord” — from I Spy, the late 60s show, then please comment as to whether it may have inspired (along with the Conrad) FF Coppola’s masterpiece a few years later.

The credits say that the episode was written by Robert Culp — the actor sharing the spotlight with Smokin’ Bill Cosby.

And at the very end one discovers the name of the actor playing the Warlord …

Also please comment on how it could be that television departed from this place circa 1969 (when The Name of the Game was airing “The White Birch” about the collapse of the Prague Spring) and ended up where it is today, where international affairs are treated in comic-book video-game fashion on the vile 24.


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