October 3rd, 2008

Vice Prez Debate

Posted in 2008 Elections by ed

Miss Alaska not only did not pee on the floor, but carried herself with surprising poise and flair.

Thank goodness the Swimsuit Competition had been canned.

Biden was flawless, earnest and charming.  I admire him as much as anyone in Washington.

But the net effect of the show will be to stem the tide of GOP disserters that Palin’s dumb public appearances had loosed.

First reactions to the VP choices are now again current.

So. Down to the wire. The same basic map that’s constituted the prior two elections — but with McCain drawing more so-called independents than baby Bush ever did — and with Obama powered by a youth vote that may be largely beyond the scope of the landline phone polls.

Good news that Camp McCain has conceded Michigan.  Surely the Wall Street meltdown has to help Barack?

Everybody seems to agree there’s no need for more debates.   As a friend recently wrote, “I want my President Obama now!”

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