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August 25th, 2008

Ted Kennedy at the Donkey Convention

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I noted with shock and approval that when Ted Kennedy addressed the Dem Convention tonight almost the first thing out of his mouth was that Barack would put an end to “the old politics of group against group, gays against straights” etc.

I think it’s great he said this, and everyone cheered.

But what it means is that the failures on Our Side of the Aisle these past 30s years are attributable in important part to the Identity Politics that (under the leadership of the academic feminists in the late 70s then in reaction to Reaganism) replaced universalism at the core of the American Left.

I have been squawking about this for years.

And Barbara Jordan (venerable black congresswoman from Texas) squawked about it as keynoote speaker at the 1992 Dem Convention. “Separatism is not allowed!” she thundered, pounding the podium.

IN ANY CASE … Pleased as punched over here (even vainly flattered) to hear Ted LEAD his talk about the good that Barack will bring by plainly implying that the Left’s been fucked for 30 years by bad self-serving intellectual leadership.

Separatism is NOT allowed.

Marxism, rather, is basically right (re universalism as basis of politics).  And, of course, marxism in this congrues with the Declaration of Independence.
The time of my entire adult life has been spent squandering the political power the non-rich had acquired across centuries of English and then two centuries of American experience.

That is: the Identity Politickers played right into the Reaganite hand. The rich were laughing up their sleeves. “They can have civil rights,” a GOP battleaxe once said in my grad-school cab (Midge Decter, I believe). “Civil rights aren’t ECONOMIC rights.”

OR (to touch on prior chat re prime-time cop shows where 4 of 5 crooks are Sex Offenders): Women may well be right that men are devils. But no successful politics will be built upon such truth.

August 13th, 2008

Suskind book re White House/CIA forgeries re Iraq

Must read. Ron Suskind’s new book The Way of the World.

Hear him at Democracy Now this evening.

The facts seem well established.

And Suskind seems to think motions toward impeachment are imminent.

Yet the NY Times has so far ignored the story for almost a week.

But the Financial Times in London is not. It’s a tug of war, I guess.

August 3rd, 2008

Anniversary of Cramer “Rant”

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Christmas … It’s been a year since Jumpin’ Joltin’ Jersey Jim Cramer lost his cool (?) on CNBC one afternoon, insisting the Fed “knows nothing” and that the bond markets were already experiencing “Armageddon.”

Almost everyone now thinks he was right.

As if to celebrate, we just closed one of the most volatile weeks in a long time.  Nobody knows what the morrow will bring.  Traders are praying for a “quiet August” after an absolutely impossible July.