April 11th, 2008

Hot off the press:
Carl Oglesby interview

Aha, a new interview with Carl Oglesby:

– former head of Students for a Democratic Society.

– author of one of the best conversations about US politics of the postwar era — The Yankee and Cowboy War (1977) — which tries to make sense of the domestic terrorism the US experienced from Dallas November 1963 through Memphis and Los Angeles 1968 to Watergate, and is wonderfully written.

Also turns out he was tight, man, with Hillary back in the day:

Oglesby: It was a friendship, a comradeship, within the context of the movement. She and I, for a while, were warm with each other. She and I were semi-close. I always liked her. I thought she was bright and had a lot to say. A friend of mine mentioned me to her not long ago, and according to him she got a case of the shakes. I think it was because she could imagine if any of her considerable enemies on the right wanted to do her in they would be happy to discover a relationship between her and me. Especially given this lie that I was a “Maoist.” I mean, no way! I was the last thing from a Maoist!

Reason: Did you see her when she was first lady?

Oglesby: I wouldn’t begin to be in touch with her now. I know what her enemies would do with a piece of information like that. They would defame me and defame her. There’s no point in it.

Reason: Is there today within her a trace of New Left anti-imperialism?

Oglesby: You got me. I don’t know much about her positions. What I think I know about Hillary Clinton is that she is honest and she’s good-hearted. She’s smart and she has lots of energy and she’s tough. I’m all for her. It’s too bad she and Barack Obama are having a faceoff. Both are good people. But she’s my guy.


Hey man, it looks like maybe he read my 9/11 requiem. Here’s me last September:

George W. Bush is an emotionally disordered son of a famous man who found some ground beneath his feet when he was turned into a millionaire by some Cowboy financiers from Texas and told he could ride with them and wear a Stetson.

And here’s Carl last week:

Oglesby: He’s tried to adopt the Cowboy look. He is a Yankee, went to all the Yankee schools, had Yankee money in his blood. He goes to Texas, buys himself a pair of cowboy boots and a Stetson hat, and tries to speak with a bit of a drawl.


Oglesby: He’s a phony. He’s a bad actor. He’s no more a cowboy than you or I—probably a good deal less. But his handlers grasped that there is a basic collision between the neo-Union and the neo-Confederacy.


Oglesby: The Civil War is not over. Its issues continue to echo. Bush II emerges from that process. He is a Cowboy, as I use that term, and represents the movement of the Confederacy from the East to the West.

Right on.

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