January 21st, 2008

Local anti-Jewish Mossado-Rus Terrorist shoots himself in foot (?)

Here’s an odd story about a mad fellow living about five blocks from New Combat central, here in genteel Brooklyn Heights.

Accidentally shot himself in the hand. Cops wondered why, took a look in his apartment and found half a dozen pipe bombs and bomb-making equipment. Handguns, sniper rifle and silencers. Let’s see here … Crossbows and arrows. A machete …

Apparently the fellow, Ivalyo Ivanov, had been suspected of, and has now confessed to, spraying violent anti-Jewish grafitti on the local brick walls, some of which date back to Colonial days.

Seems to be one of those mad skinned-head neo-fascist Russian nationalist types you’re always imagining.

Oh, except that he told the cops that he was “trained” by Mossad.

And “Russian?”  Maybe not. One paper says he was born in Bulgaria.  Another somewhere in the mideast. And his lawyer says he is jewish, a third paper says.

The neighbors say they found him across the years very personable. “He seems like a really nice guy, a really gentle person.”

Huh. The bomb factory/apartment seems to be owned by a well known health official (once associated with Mayor Rudy G) who has been living with mad Ivan for years:

“Michael C. Clatts, 50, a medical anthropologist and researcher who is the director for the Institute for International Research on Youth at Risk at National Development and Research Institutes in New York. Mr. Clatts, who owns a unit in the building, according to property records, was commissioned by the Giuliani administration to study New York’s homeless teenagers.”

The Odd Couple, eh what?

What a funny story …

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